In the days leading up to the one-year anniversary of Trump's election victory, liberals across the nation planned a "Scream at the Sky" event where clueless and like-minded progressives ban in large groups and just scream at the top of their lungs.

Nov 8, 2017, came and went, and such events did take place and received extensive coverage. At one particular event, a Hispanic man that actually has some brain cells questioned the validity of the event, saying that it accomplishes nothing. He urged for young people to take an active role in politics instead of organizing mindless events and making themselves look stupid by screaming at the sky.

Of course, straying from the liberal plantation doesn't sit well with SJWs, and another event goer immediately jumps in and attacks the idea, before walking away and telling him to "talk to the hand."

Later in the event, another Hispanic man uses the rally to speak against gun control and abortion. This was a powerful moment as the man was speaking from experience. He grew up in an inner-city neighborhood, where drug and gang violence was a daily reality. He said owning a gun was necessary to protect himself in a city where a random act of violence can befall anyone at any moment.

That was not all. He went on to talk about how abortion clinics are commonplace in the inner-city and contribute to the death of scores of Hispanic and Black babies.

Unsurprisingly, he was shouted down within minutes.

The two incidents begin at the 19:39 and 27:53 mark.

That's the thing about liberals. They resort to screaming, screeching, and nonsense babble to drown out anyone who dares to have a dissenting opinion.

It's nice, though, to know that there were some very sane and reasonable voices at the gathering.

Do you think conservatives can extract some hilarious memes out of this event?

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