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The obvious “disconnect” between reality and blissful denial apparently reached “critical mass” when this pro-abortion student confronted a series of displays depicting fetuses, embryos, and more precisely unborn human babies, and within moments violently “freaked out!”

The pro-life display was apparently in a lawfully designated area on the campus of Texas State University, and this brief 21-second video clip captures a security guard attempting to stop the agitated student going “ballistic” at seeing the displays.

Shouting; “Get the f— out of here with this b—!” the unnamed young man screams at the pro-lifer. “This is f— b—! Get this s— out of here!”


Ironically the brief video was posted on-line by Emma Brockway a self-described “progressive” showing the unhinged student running around the bemused security guard “vandalizing” private property knocking down, tearing and punching at the displays, all while screaming profanities, apparently directed at the hapless security guard attempting feebly to stop the crazed student

Brockway later said; “I was shocked, but I have to admit I admire him in some ways because I think he did what we were all wanting to do, “I am a supporter of free speech, but again, I think everyone was secretly wanting to do what he did.”

Obviously one cannot be a “supporter of free speech” when the next word uttered is “but.”

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