You can't argue with a liberal. Even if you present them with statistics and facts, they'll just use some mental gymnastics or shout over you. This is precisely why liberalism is being more frequently cited as a mental disorder. Progressives and SJWs are just totally devoid of logic and rational reasoning.

Sadly, the SJW types also pervade college campuses and even K-12 schools. Teachers are increasingly taking up the SJW narrative. Luckily, some students are able to think for themselves. A few even have the courage to challenge the so-called educators. This was the case in a now-viral video of a conservative student debating his over-zealous left-wing teacher.

In the 10-minute video, the student is seen arguing back and forth with the off-screen teacher. The latter parrots all the typical SJW narrative. You know, the narrative that people of color are oppressed and that police kill black and brown people with impunity.

The student frequently cited how statistics did not support the teacher's argument, though that didn't stop her from her nonstop rant about racism this and racism that. For good measure, the teacher also mentioned "white supremacy" more than once.

The discussion eventually steered into the direction of the Las Vegas shooting. In her loony mind, the teacher believes the shooter not being classified a terrorist is another example of white supremacy.

The student responded brilliantly that Stephen Paddock wasn't labeled a terrorist because - as of right now - there is still no known political, religious, or racial motive. Terrorists are motivated by an ideology. If you shoot up a concert hall simply because you went insane, that does not meet the dictionary definition of a terrorist.

The teacher's response? the dictionary definition is wrong.

If that's not a facepalm moment, then nothing is.

Do you think this student deserves a medal? For such a young lad, he has exhibited an attitude wise beyond his years.

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