Social media is all fired up about a little girl in San Antonio, Texas showing off her firearm skills under the watchful eye of her father.

The girl, no more than 9 years old, is cute, blond, and packing serious heat. Her father recently posted the minute-long clip on YouTube titled "The Firearm Princess."

"After our daughter finished her regular dry fire practice we play speed and skill games for the time,' her father told the Daily Mail in an interview. "The speed reload game helps her find her sights fast and get off a shot and also helps with the speed that she actually does reload."

The unnamed tyke is seen in the clip barefoot dressed in denim shorts and a green t-shirt with two handguns safely holstered. Her father then instructs her to "Make ready."

"Shooter ready," he then says. "Stand by. Go!"

The girl draws quickly and fires off a round from an unloaded weapon. She drops the clip and loads another with lightning speed, fires again, and repeats.

Someday, this little firebrand will make a great cop, firearms instructor, or mom fully prepared to defend her life, her home and her family. Imagine if there were more firearms savvy little girls like her in rape-infested countries like Sweden and Germany. The daily sexual assaults would stop overnight.

The video post certainly has sparked a lot of reaction and controversy on social media.


"So sad that her father is forcing this upon her at such a young age," tweeted pete2311.

The beaming smile on the girl's face doesn't speak to a child who is being "forced" to do anything. She is being given a lesson in handgun safety, and she passed with flying colors.

Patrick Enright, however, knew a good firearms safety training session when he saw one.

"Glad to see someone teaching kids about firearms safety instead of trying to withold information about firearms from their kids," he said.

Enough said.

Do you support firearms training for young children? Does it make them violent, or does it keep violence in check? Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

Source: Daily Mail

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