This blockbuster revelation that former New York State Judge and former District Attorney Jeanine Pirro was personally tagged by President Trump in a stunning “secret operation” to ensure that Hillary Clinton would finally be brought to justice is sending shock-waves all across the political establishment.

The host of Justice with Judge Jeanine which airs on the Fox network on Saturday evenings had a private meeting with President Trump early in November regarding both Hillary Clinton along with Attorney General Jeff Sessions, at which time during the course of the meeting the Attorney General’s name was brought up by Pirro reportedly tearing into him for his continued refusal to appoint a special counsel regarding the overwhelming evidence against the former Secretary of State.


The New York Times reported the secret meeting which followed weeks of critical and sustained coverage on Pirro’s show, regarding the Clinton scandals, including the Russian deal that netted the Kremlin 20% of our strategic Uranium, and the sudden windfall regarding Bill Clinton’s speaking fees in Moscow from approximately $150,000 to well over $500,000 for a 45-minute speech, plus the sizable donations made a few months after the Uranium deal to the Clinton Foundation by the same players.

Moreover, it was reported by reliable sources that the firebrand host was so aggravated by Sessions lackluster performance thus far as Attorney General she yelled for Sessions to “get off his a**” and bust not only “Crooked Hillary Clinton” but that “lying leaker” former FBI Director James Comey, too.

However, this appears to be only the first volley fired as Pirro once again lambasted Sessions on live TV, pointing her finger directly at the camera contemptibly hissing; “Jeff Sessions needs to follow his prosecutorial instincts and open a federal criminal investigation into the actions of Hillary Rodham Clinton and impanel a grand jury immediately. This woman should not get a free pass because she lost an election. Her reign was one of bold, brazen in your face pay-to-play corruption.”

There’s little doubt that many within the GOP regard Session’s as a major liability within the Trump Administration, in fact, GOP lawmaker Rep. Jim Jordan from Ohio grilled Sessions lack of urgency in appointing a special counsel, and was visibly annoyed that Sessions had not responded to a letter authored by 20-GOP lawmakers several weeks ago urging him to appoint a special counsel.

Do you believe Sessions is a liability for President Trump and should resign as AG?

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