It appears that President Trump has accomplished another historic coup that at least 4-previous administrations could not. By finally pressuring China to perhaps rein in North Korea. According to the Daily Mail the commerce ministry in Beijing today announced that Chinese companies will shut down entirely all their operations in North Korea within 120-days, in order to comply with the UN Security Council vote boosting sanctions against North Korea.

The President was instrumental in persuading both Russia and China in joining the United States in condemning the rogue nation with harsh new sanctions at the UN Security Council on September 12th.

The council voted unanimously to sanction North Korea, banning textile exports and capping fuel.

This latest move by Beijing means that for the first time China is actually working in tandem with the Trump Administration in hopefully ending the Kim Jong Un nuclear aggression.

The war of words reached a fever pitch when the North Koran despot once again threatened the United States after the sanctions were enforced, and President Trump dubbing the pint-sized dictator “rocket man" then later amending that to "little rocket man."

In an unhinged public response, Kim Jong Un once again asserted that rockets targeting the United States were “inevitable.”

The harsh and historic sanctions were imposed after North Korea fired its 6th nuclear test this month, which finally made China pay attention after President Trump warned China that if they didn’t take this provocation serious regarding their stooge regime, then the President was prepared to actually end trade with Beijing and if need be directly handle North Korea, stating that “all options were on the table.”

China is the largest trading partner to North Korea, responsible for around 90% of the hermit nation's commerce. Moreover starting October 1st another major part of sanctions will kick in when China will limit exports of refined petroleum products to North Korea and a ban on textiles from its neighbor.

Do you think crippling sanctions will finally get North Korea to comply or will it take a war?


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