The “house-of-cards” built by the Obama/Clinton gang along with the DNC of Russian collusion by President Trump is in danger of collapsing, following the bombshell disclosure early last week that Hillary Clinton along with the DNC paid a total of 12-million dollars for the bogus dossier initially fabricated by a British spy named Christopher Steel along with a sketchy Washington, D.C. firm called Fusion GPS, for the sole purpose of destroying President Trump.

The Commander-in-Chief once again took to Twitter this morning after reports that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is about to indict individuals regarding alleged Russian interference with our presidential election, however the stunning news that it was Hillary Clinton along with the Obama Justice Department and the FBI that apparently conspired in promoting a “PHONY’” dossier is actually the real scandal of how our Republic was almost subverted, not by a foreign power, but by the very leaders we entrusted to protect our sovereignty.

The president’s blunt tweet said it all calling the 10-month old investigation a “witch-hunt” and a “phony” as well as “bad for our country” and “evil politics.”

Moreover the revelation that perhaps the “PHONY’” dossier was perhaps the information the FBI used in conducting surveillance of the Trump team, and also as a pretax for Mueller’s investigation of Russian collusion is beyond belief, however, it might indeed be true.

This brings us back to the OBAMA/CLINTON gang and the uranium debacle, which is the real collusion between Russia and the Clinton's beginning in the summer of 2009, when then Security of State Hillary Clinton (with Obama’s blessing), along with a Canadian “front company” called Uranium One was able to secure 20% of America’s strategic stockpile, that ultimately went directly to Russia in three separate transactions from 2009 to 2013.

The deal netted the Clinton Foundation over $120-million in donations, and Bill Clinton a sweetheart speaking engagement that boosted his speaking fee in Moscow from $100,000 to $500,000 for a 45-minute speech.

Moreover, the entire uranium deal at the time was being investigated by both the Obama JOD and the FBI, for improprieties including bribes and money-laundering, which were suddenly dropped.

Do you believe the massive malfeasance and initial cover-up by the Obama/Clinton gang will finally be unraveled with hopefully jail time for some?

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