The beautiful leather bomber jacket the president was given at the Yokota Airbase wasn’t an “off-the-rack” last minute presentation by those in attendance, but rather a special, personalized custom gift by those who serve our nation and who admire and respect (perhaps for the first time) in almost a decade their new Commander-in-Chief.

The President began his first leg of his historic trip to Asia by visiting with the troops praising and thanking them for their commitment to keeping America safe, and also praised Japan as a “crucial ally” within the regain.

Moreover when the president took to the podium to give his speech he was wearing his brand new leather bomber jacket given to him moments ago when he and the first lady arrived at the airbase, however what the president didn’t know hidden within the jacket was an inscription tucked inside from the men and woman at the airbase.

Obviously when the Commander-in-Chief visits a military facility it’s usually customary for the president to receive a flight jacket from the troops, certainly former President Barack Obama was given a number of flight jackets as president when he visited the troops. However, none had a personal message inscribed inside, which once again demonstrates the special bond that exists between the military and President Trump, and that bond was immediately on display the moment the troops got a glimpse of the Commander-in-Chief and the First Lady, greeting them with a chorus of thunderous cheers.

The president (ever-the-showmen), knows how to strike the right balance between praising his warriors, honoring America and warning our enemies not to act foolish, then with little fanfare, the president unveiled the message written inside his new bomber jacket.

The simple message read; “Presented by the women and men of the 374th Airlift Wing, Yokota Air Base.”

Obviously the troops could have presented President Trump with a generic jacket with no personalized message inside as they’ve done countless times for Obama, however this is President Trump, who has displayed both in words and in deeds what he thinks of the military, and the military in kind is showing what they think of President Trump.

President Donald J. Trump speaks to troops at Yokota Air Base in Tokyo, Japan for the first stop of a 13 day trip through Asia.

Posted by Fox News on Saturday, November 4, 2017

Do you believe the mutual respect between the military and President Trump, will make “America great again,” in the eyes of both our friends and foes alike?

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