This whole deal with the NFL and national anthem just won't see the end of day, will it? As long as players continue to take a knee, and President Trump continues to tweet about it, there's going to be a national story.

AT&T has chimed in on the issue as well, and its position may hurt the NFL's pocketbook. The phone service, which also owns DirecTV, is now giving fans an option to cancel their annual NFL Sunday Ticket subscription. This is an add-on service that gives DirecTV customers full access to weekly games and additional sports content. Ordinarily, subscribers cannot cancel once the new season begins. However, in light of the response to angry fans over players taking a knee, AT&T is making an exception.

So, how many subscribers actually called DirecTV to cancel the pricey $280 NFL Sunday Ticket package? Unfortunately, AT&T is staying mum on the cancellation numbers. However, the New York Post actually spoke to one canceled subscriber, who claimed the representative he spoke with said the company so far received five cancellation calls. It goes without saying that the number is only going to jump unless the NFL higher-ups step in.

What was started by Colin Kaepernick has really blown up into a political tug-of-war. During a speech in Alabama, President Trump made it clear what he thought of the players, unabashedly calling them "sons of a bi***es" and encouraging owners to fire players who refuse to stand for the anthem.

Of course, this has only led to more fury, with members of the left sending social media pics of themselves or family members taking a knee.

Regardless of your opinion on the matter, NFL is ultimately the entity that comes out as the loser. Its ratings have dropped significantly and stadiums are looking vacant as of late.

Do you think AT&T made the right move by easing its cancellation policy?

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