Sometimes it pays to be able to laugh at yourself, and a Texas restaurant has provided the opportunity to one famous former athlete to do just that, although not everyone is sharing in the humor.

We’ve all seen the “Cowboys” and “Cowgirls” signs on restroom doors, but Dodie’s Place Cajun Bar & Grill has taken that a step further using full-size before and after photographs of Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner to designate the choices for bathrooms at its Allen, Texas restaurants.

“Come meet our newest members of the Dodie’s crew, Caitlyn & Bruce! Stop in for our weekly specials, served all day!” read a Facebook post inviting customers to see the photos – with the Men’s room door featuring Bruce Jenner at the 1976 Olympics and the Women’s room door sporting the post-transition swim-suited pose Jenner struck on the cover of Vanity Fair magazine in 2015.

Jenner shot to acclaim when he took the Gold Medal in the decathlon at the Montreal Olympics after a knee injury forced him out of college football.

He earned the title “World’s Greatest Athlete” typically accorded the winner of the physically and mentally demanding competition, as he set three world records.

Jenner parlayed the publicity into a career in media, car racing, business, and even as a Playgirl Magazine cover model.

After fathering six children in three marriages, Jenner announced his intention to transition from male to female, choosing the feminine name, “Caitlyn” to replace “Bruce.”

Although some expressed outrage at Dodie’s Place for the bathroom signs, calling them “offensive,” “disgusting,” and “insensitive to the transgender community,” many customers, even transgendered individuals, caught the harmless joke calling it “hilarious.”

Mayor Jess Herbst, of New Hope, Texas just 12 miles from Allen, called the photographs, “offensive to trans folks,” and “blatant trans bigotry.”

Some even went online vowing to boycott the restaurant.

Dodie’s owner Kyle McPherson posted in return, “Finally Bruce/Caitlin got the attention of the media,” although he misspelled Jenner’s preferred name.

Many in the transgender community took to social media to encourage everyone to lighten up.

“I’m transgender. These are just doors. For F’s sake people calm down. I swear I hate how whiny and quick-tempered my “community” is.” tweeted one person.

And another vowed to welcome Caitlyn into the “ladies” room, posting, “I am a bleeding heart liberal and I find this hilarious. Will happily use the same restroom with Caitlyn.”

Do you agree that a sense of humor is essential in dealing with some of the changes facing society today?

Source: Daily Mail

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