Gun control advocates are fond of portraying ordinary citizens who exercise their Second Amendment right to defend themselves and their property as “gun nuts,” but not as eager to publicize the instances when a weapon is used for the right reasons – and makes a difference.

A Cocoa, Florida storeowner, however, is proof that sometimes, there is no substitute for a weapon when the police are nowhere near.

Sowann Suy told police he was forced to chase a would-be thief from his store for the fifth time – and he used a gun to do it.

Suy said he fired a shot as a warning after running down the man who tried to beat him up and stuffed cans of beer in his pockets and fled the store.

“I told him to give my beer back, and he ignored it. I pointed a gun at him, and he gave me my beer back, and I shot one bullet in the air,” Suy told authorities.

His story was backed up by a witness who said Suy was on the heels of the thief, who fared better than the first man who tried to rob him in 2009 and took a bullet from Suy’s gun for his trouble.

Suy chased another thief from his store in 2010 and in 2016 photographed another on the ground with three bullets in him as they waited for EMTs and the police.

“He had a perfect right to defend himself; everyone does,” said Barbara Matthews, with the Cocoa Police Department.

Suy also drew defense from friends who call him “Clint Eastwood,” after the actor who made famous the line, “Go ahead, make my day,” delivered to another hapless criminal.

“Make my day” laws have been enacted to offer protection to people who use lethal force to protect their homes, stores or in self-defense.

For his part, Suy believes the problem stems from people who want to take what others work for.

“People are lazy; don’t want to work. They want easy stuff. That’s not right. You live in the United States, should be everybody has to work hard for it; earn your own money,” he told WESH 2 News.

The Second Amendment to the Constitution that protects the right to bear arms is under attack from the liberal progressive Democrats – do you believe the media should do a better job reporting instances when citizens are forced to use weapons to protect themselves or defend their homes or businesses?

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