If you keep up with Daily Wire's Ben Shapiro, then you know he's an absolute master at humiliating liberals. He does this using logic and reasoning, two facets that progressives severely lack.

Shapiro demonstrated his mastery again in the wake of the tragic church shooting in Sutherland Springs, Texas. During a congressional moment of silence, California Democrat Representative Ted Lieu walked out and later posted this tweet explaining his motive.

Shapiro was quick to call out Lieu for the blatant disrespect, saying that the moment of silence was out of respect and not about making a political statement. What resulted was a back and forth between Shapiro and Lieu.

Lieu replied by tweeting that taking action on gun control was his way of showing respect. Shapiro then fired back by asking if Lieu would walk out on a funeral. Shapiro also asks Lieu if he would walk out in a moment of silence for terror victims to advocate for immigration reform.

When Lieu insists that the issue at hand is gun safety, Shapiro asks why other similar incidents don't warrant the same response.

You can read the full back and forth at Daily Wire.

This is an excellent point by Shapiro. If it's appropriate to walk out in a moment of silence for mass shooting victims, then why won't Democrats do the same for victims of radical Islamic terrorism or victims of crimes by illegal immigrants? Furthermore, if gun control really is the issue, then why hasn't any Democrat demanded greater gun control legislation in response to the everyday shootings taking place in inner-city neighborhoods? Chicago's homicide rate is almost at 600 in 2017, bringing the murder rate to an all-time high since 2003.

Do you think Ted Lieu and other Democrats are just grandstanding?

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