Appearing on “Fox & Friends” former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski asked the one question that apparently has no immediate answer as yet from the FBI’s investigation of Paul Manafort.

‘The FBI, Lewandowski insisted, should have briefed the campaign 'just from a security standpoint' and said: 'Look, we've got some concerns about this person. You're still welcome to hire them but at least we will make you aware of it."

Adding: 'That never occurred,' he said.

Manafort who briefly became Trump’s campaign manager was under FBI wiretaps and surveillance stretching back all the way to 2014, long before Donald Trump ever considered running for the presidency.

So why didn’t the FBI at least warn the Republican presidential candidate that Manafort was under some sort of surveillance, that might impact our national security interests, and perhaps the Trump campaign?

Certainly that general information would have been extremely useful to the Trump team on whether to hire Manafort or not, which is perhaps the real reason why then FBI Director James Comey kept the Trump campaign in the dark, and why Hillary Clinton escaped a legitimate investigation.

Lewandowski explained that the FBI should have been forthright especially if they uncovered some type of criminality regarding Manafort, in that the campaign didn't have the authority to do comprehensive background checks using government databases or the investigative tools reserved only to the FBI.

Manafort, now faces a 12-count indictment including money laundering charges, along with his business associate Rick Gates.

A Justice Department official attempted to explain what seems like a plausible scenario Monday evening suggesting that part of the motivation for keeping the Trump team in the dark regarding Manafort’s sketchy background may have been too simply see whether Manafort's allegedly ill-gotten millions might have found their way into Trump's campaign.

'It could also be that the FBI, which was then an Obama agency, was looking to trap Trump somehow, or at least to sit back while he got mixed up with the worst of the worst,” the official said.

Do you believe the reason why the Trump team was kept in the dark regarding Manafort’s background was to entrap President Trump?

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