This should be a teaching moment for every would-be thug who thinks that simply brandishing a gun will get the outcome they expect and loony leftists who believe that simply referencing something a “gun free zone” actually makes that convoluted logic a reality.

In that both those assumptions can be wrong, as this vintage video clip from 2013 illustrates.

The incident took place in Marionville, Missouri, when a man entered a liquor store, with the intent to rob the place.

The would-be thief enters the store puffing on a cigarette, sizing up the establishment, thinking no doubt it’s easy pickings.

Little does he realize he’s about to make the mistake of his life by picking the wrong store and more importantly the wrong clerk.

Because behind the counter is a former military police officer who just happens to have a handy handgun of his own, just out of sight however easy to reach.

The original surveillance video shared by “Awesome Fun Videos” captures the moment the hapless thief thinks he’s got the situation under control and demanding; “You need to give me all your money!”

Jon Lewis Alexander who’s behind the counter quickly pulls out his own hand-gun and instantly shoves the barrel in the gunman’s face.

“I pulled my weapon up and put it against his mouth and told him ‘You need to get out of here before I blow your, head off,’ and he backed right on out the door,” Alexander recalled in an interview after the incident.


Alexander recalls just before the attempted robbery he told the would-be gunmen to smoke out side the store, and that’s when the thug reportedly told Alexander to handover the cash in his register.

Instead, Alexander “used his left hand to push the robber’s handgun back while, in a smooth but rapid motion, pulling and swinging his 9 mm into the robber’s face.”

Store owner Jeannine Dawson told reporters that because Alexander is a veteran and a former military police officer, he’s allowed to have his weapon in the store, saying: “I don’t know what I would say if someone else asked to carry a gun,” Dawson said. “Jon’s the exception.”

Now all we need is for the loony left to actually realize that referencing an area a “gun free zone” actually has the opposite results, in that bad guys would rather pick a “gun free zone” to do their nasty work.

Do you believe veterans and law-abiding citizens well versed in the use of firearms should be allowed nationwide to carry?

Source: Conservative Tribune

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