A would-be robber in Birmingham, Alabama is learning a very painful lesson -- never bring a gun to a gun fight, especially when your intended victim is faster on the draw.

Birmingham police said the robber is now fighting for his life in a local hospital after his victim shot him multiple times as he approached.

According to WBRC 6, the victim's wife said her husband had just returned home and was sitting in his car when he saw two men walking toward him. One of the men reportedly reached for a gun. That's when the victim reached for his gun first and fired three times, striking his target.

The robber stumbled into the victim's yard and dropped his weapon before firing off a shot. The other suspect got away in a waiting SUV.

No arrests have been made, police said.

WBRC FOX6 News - Birmingham, AL

This is one random botched robbery that has "amateur" written all over it. The suspect assumed that his victim was unarmed, which is a huge mistake in the Deep South. The victim also knew how to shoot without missing his target.

The Second Amendment, however, exists not so much as a guarantee of individual self-protection against violent criminals, but as a constitutional weapon against government tyranny. But since freedom and self-protection often go hand-in-hand, owning a firearm is an absolute must in a society that is rapidly spinning out of control.

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Source: WBRC

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