Robert Mueller is taking an absolute beating right now. Some Republican lawmakers are now calling for him to recuse himself as special counsel in the Russian investigation.

The lawmakers include Louie Gohmert of Texas, Andy Biggs of Arizona, and Matt Gaetz of Florida. Some question Mueller's ability to be impartial since he was the FBI director at the time of the Uranium One scandal. Mueller's investigation team ultimately did not bring any charges against those involved.

In a statement by Gaetz:

"These deeply troubling events took place when Mr. Mueller was the Director of the FBI. As such, his impartiality is hopelessly compromised. He should step down immediately."

The Uranium One case occurred in 2010. The U.S. Government greenlighted the sale of the firm Uranium One to a Russian nuclear company. Though Uranium One is actually Canadian-owned, the sale requires U.S. approval since the company conducted mining operations in the U.S.

People are now questioning Mueller's integrity. It is believed that his investigation team found evidence of Russian criminal activity but failed to bring charges to the entities involved.

The move by the Republican lawmakers is a bit of a 360. When the case initially became public scrutiny, some GOPers actually expressed support for the embattled former FBI director. Some even introduced a bill to legally protect him should President Trump try to fire him.

There is also mounting evidence that Hillary Clinton - who was Secretary of State at the time - was tied to the Uranium One deal.

If confirmed, this certainly wouldn't be surprising considering how corrupt this woman is. It's actually quite amusing that she and her DNC cohorts are destroying their own party from within.

As for Mueller, do you think he should recuse himself? How trustworthy is he considering his actions, or inactions, when the Uranium One deal was taking place?

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