Whenever a mass shooting occurs, liberals jump on the moment like rabid hyenas to politicize the situation. They immediately push for greater gun control, assault the NRA, and crap on the 2nd Amendment.

Right on cue, liberals have done just that in the wake of the mass shooting in Sutherland Springs, Texas. When the shooting occurred, President Trump was touring Asia to discuss possible courses of action against the ever-growing North Korean threat.

During a press conference in South Korea, NBC reporter Ali Vitali asked the POTUS if heavier gun control laws are necessary in light of another mass shooting.

President Trump's response was spot on. First, he chastizes Vitali for bringing up the issue when the incident is still pending investigation. He then went on to say that it was the actions of a law-abiding gun owner that stopped the gunman. Without the heroic deed and the ability to legally bear arms, the casualty count could've been much higher, possibly ranging in the hundreds.

Trump then made an even more excellent point that liberals always seem to conveniently gloss over. The President brought up Chicago as an argument against stricter gun control laws. Chicago has one of the strictest state gun laws; it also has one of the highest homicide rates, approaching 600 gun deaths in 2017.

Texas, by contrast, has one of the highest rates of gun ownership, and we saw what happened. An armed citizen exercised his right to protect his fellow citizens against a deranged gunman.

The liberal pundits in mainstream media love to peddle the gun control narrative. What they fail to realize is that guns are just a tool. What about the person behind the trigger? Why not tackle the issue of mental illness and identifying the signs of someone likely to commit mass murder?

Did Trump just deliver another epic response to a reporter representing fake news?

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