House Majority Whip Steve Scalise was the victim of a shooter who targetted him and other Republican colleagues for their conservative beliefs. The shooting left him in critical condition and fighting for his life. Thankfully, he made a full recovery and is back in office.

You would think that in light of the experience, Scalise would advocate for stricter gun laws. However, he held steadfast to his support for the right to bear arms.

In a Fox News interview with Martha McCallum, Scalise was asked if his own experience and the Las Vegas shooting changed his stance on the Second Amendment. His response was flawless and to the point:

"I think it's fortified it."

The response will surely make liberal heads explode.

Scalise went even further and chastised politicians and celebrities who used the Las Vegas tragedy to push their anti-gun narrative. The remark was spot on. Remember that Hillary Clinton called for a ban on silencers and took a swipe at the NRA within hours of the shooting. Late Night Show host Jimmy Kimmel is using his program as a platform for pushing restrictive gun control laws.

Even with his horrific personal experience, Scalise understands that mass shootings are all the more reason to preserve the Second Amendment. He and his colleagues are still breathing thanks to the quick thinking of their personal security detail. However, everyday American citizens don't have armed guards accompanying them wherever they go. The Second Amendment gives ordinary Americans the right to defend themselves should the unthinkable occur. This is what separates us from other countries. We don't have a tyrannical government that strips its citizens their right to protect their family and property.

You can bet that liberals are going to lambast Scalise as unsympathetic, out of touch, and unfit for office.

How do you think liberals are going to react to Scalise's interview?

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