Liberals often preach about love and tolerance but are the first to spew hate. Amidst the tragic mass shooting in Las Vegas, progressives are already showing their true colors on social media. Case in point with rapper Lil B. In true leftist and race-baiting fashion, the singer wastes no time in pointing the finger at the white man.

Here is one of many of Lil B's tweets in the aftermath of the shooting:

According to this guy's logic, whites are "violent people" who "love they guns." Lil B is either playing to the liberal crowd or is truly ignorant of statistical facts. Young black men - the demographic Lil B falls into - account for about 3% to 4% of the population, yet commit roughly 52% of the homicide rate. The majority of these crimes are committed in urban cities like Chicago, Detroit, and Baltimore. The victims of these senseless acts of violence? Other young black males! The murder weapon? Guns!

Lil B later does a 180 and sends a more uplifting message:

The repentance didn't last long, though. Not long after, Lil B was back to his old ways:

According to liberal logic 101, never let a tragedy go to waste if you can use it to blame whitey.

Do you think it's time for sane-thinking Americans to begin calling out people with such mind-numbingly stupid logic?

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