Arlington National Cemetery is one of the most sacred grounds in America. It's the final resting spot of countless Americans who bore arms and went off to battle, never to return home to their loved ones. The site's focal point is the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier – the burial ground for soldiers who perished without their remains ever being identified. Their family members also went to the grave without ever knowing what happened to their husband, father, or son.

The site has been guarded 24/7 by the revered Tomb Guard Sentinels since 1937. The Guards change every hour. The area is frequented by locals and visitors alike who bow their head and pay their solemn respect.

This sacred area came under siege when a protester took a knee near the vicinity. A veteran and his daughter were visiting the area when they saw the truly despicable sight. They saw a man protesting by taking a knee in the same manner as the NFL players. The daughter snapped a photo of the kneeling man, and it's rightfully causing outrage on social media.

Look, taking a knee during a national anthem at a game is one thing, but it's a whole other matter when you spit on the very people who died for your right to express your opinion in such a disgraceful manner.

It's still within the First Amendment right of the man in the photo to do what he did, just as it's well within the right of protestors to burn the flag. However, such actions are taking the antics to a level that the vast majority of Americans do not condone.

If there is a silver lining in this, it's that such actions will lead to an uprising of patriotism and unapologetic waves of Old Glory.

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