The logic of someone protecting their home from unwelcome invaders seems almost indisputable, especially if one lives in a border state like Arizona, which experiences a daily deluge of assaults to its sovereignty, of drugs, human trafficking, criminality, and with always the potential of a terrorist attack, and yet those on the left consider proactive citizens who help law enforcement catch the “bad guys” somehow something to apologize for, until perhaps they themselves become an unwitting victims.

Several of those proactive citizens are also Motel 6 employees who apparently were helping local ICE agents capture “those bad guys” by providing daily guest lists of individuals staying at the motel

Phoenix, of course, is the ground zero of the immigration war with thousands of illegal aliens pouring in across the border annually, and while many are hard-working individuals simply looking to support their families, a certain number are not, these are the hardened criminals, the gangs, the drug dealers and the human traffickers, add to that the potential of American citizens contracting communicable diseases similar to what happened in San Diego, and the potential of a nationwide calamity becomes all too real.

However, someone dropped a dime on those patriotic employees and a Twitter post on social media confirmed the allegation that company employees were providing daily guest lists to ICE.

"Over the past several days, it was brought to our attention that certain local Motel 6 properties in the Phoenix-area were voluntarily providing daily guest lists to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). As previously stated, this was undertaken at the local level without the knowledge of senior management. When we became aware of it, it was discontinued," the statement read.

Moreover, the company is issuing a directive to all of its locations that sending ICE daily lists of guests staying at Motel 6s is "prohibited."

Virginia Kice, a spokeswoman for ICE, told KPHO she could not disclose where the agents get their information.

Saying "The agency receives viable enforcement tips from a host of sources, including other law enforcement agencies, relevant databases, crime victims, and the general public via the agency’s tip line and online tip form."

Liberals lost their minds on social media and attacked the hotel for actually trying to help law enforcement. If bank robbers waltz into a Motel 6 and get reported t do you think these liberals would care?

Do you think with the threat of global terrorism, that businesses like Motel 6 have an obligation to notify authorities if guests appear sketchy?

Source: Fox

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