Throughout his presidency, the mainstream media has portrayed Obama as a saint incapable of wrongdoing. Is the Obama Administration, though, really that innocent? In actuality, it's likely just as corrupt as the rest of the DNC.

In a stunning revelation, one man is revealing some damning information about the 44th president. According to former New York Times Editor Edward Klein, President Obama had plotted back in January to leak information regarding collusion between then President-elect Trump and the Russians.

In his tell-all book, All Out War, Klein claims that Obama and Susan Rice discussed plans to identify several Trump associates who were caught in recorded conversations with Russian officials. Rice wanted to catch the Trump associates in the act and release the news to the New York Times and Washington Post.

The hope was that such revelations could lead to an impeachment, especially if it could be proven that Trump had knowledge of the collusion taking place within his inner circle.

First Lady Michelle Obama was aware of the plot and expressed her own reservations, believing that such a plan could backfire and "bite us in the ass."

It should also be noted that President Obama expanded the role of the National Security Agency in January. This gave members greater freedom when intercepting communications from other intelligence agencies, thus increasing the likelihood of a leak.

Edward Klein is a New York Times Bestselling author. All Out War is now out and available in hardcover and Kindle format. You should pick up a copy since you know the media is likely not going to report these revelations.

It looks like Michelle Obama was right. The plan to leak information is certainly now biting them in the ass.

Are the revelations further proof that the Obama Administration is just as corrupt as the Clintons and their numerous organizations? 

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