Even though Obama has been out of office for months, he still can't let go and his bitterness shows on a regular basis. One of Obama's favorite pastimes seems to be attempting to take the role of President right out from under actual President Trump's nose.

Former President Obama took to the stage at the UN to bash Republicans and their efforts to repeal Obamacare on Wednesday. Obama described the ordeal as "aggravating" to have to constantly mobilize to prevent "real human suffering" in America.

The 'efforts' that Obama is referring to are in the form of a bill proposed by Sens. Bill Cassidy (R., La.) and Lindsey Graham (R., S.C.) that would effectively repeal Obamacare. Trump has mentioned that he would sign the bill if giving the opportunity but this is still far from being set in stone.

When Obama spoke at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation "Goalkeeper's" Event he discussed how these efforts were so "aggravating" and how in his eyes this failed healthcare policy has actually saved countless lives.

"Now, the legislation that we passed was full of things that still need to be fixed. It wasn’t perfect, but it was better,” Obama said. “So when I see people trying to undo that hard-won progress for the 50th or 60th time, with bills that would raise costs or reduce coverage or roll back protections … It is aggravating. And all of this being done without any demonstrable economic or actuarial or plain common-sense rationale, it frustrates."

Obama went on to discuss how annoyed he was to constantly have to "mobilize every couple of months to keep our leaders from inflicting real human suffering on our constituents."

"But typically that’s how progress is won, and how progress is maintained, on every issue," he continued.

The last big effort to take down Obamacare ended in a shocking betrayal by Sen. John McCain that most won't forget. Maybe this next attempt Obama won't be so lucky.

Do you think Obama should be 'mobilizing' to try to undermine the real president?

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