It would appear that it’s only a matter of time before all-out hostilities breaks out between the “business side” of the NFL and those asinine athletes refusing to stand for our National Anthem, moreover endangering their own careers and the overall brand of “professional football.”

This past Sunday the spectacle of empty seats once again became the main focus on television sets around the country as scores of stadiums continued to lose fans.

Not even an important divisional match-up between Tampa, Bay and the rival Panthers was enough to bring out the fans, as these series of photos illustrate. However, as loud as these pictures speak, there’s still no indication the NFL is listening...just yet.

However all that might change and in a hurry, once the “business side” of the NFL gets a rude awaking from those advertisers who are now beginning to grumble loudly after another disastrous weekend compounded by the 5th game of the World Series, in which a 12.8% TV rating easily trounced NBC's "Sunday Night Football" telecast of the Steelers vs. the Lions which drew an anemic 9.4%, which means that Game-5 drew 36% higher than the NFL’s SNF numbers according to Sports Business Daily.

Moreover advertisers are now paying special attention to those numbers, and their bottom line which actually indirectly affects the overall revenues of the NFL, in that broadcasters like CBS, and NBC have experienced a sharp decline of “deficiency units” (ADUs) or “make-goods” which are payments that the NFL must return to advertisers, if the league’s promised volume of viewers falls short.

For example, NBC saw a revenue decline of 17% hosting NFL games compared to last year, while CBS experienced a 26% decline, and perhaps the biggest loss came from Fox with a staggering 34% decline in its NFL ad revenue.

With those staggering revenue losses, it’s only a matter of time before there’s a civil war between the owners, the league, the unions, and the players.

Do you believe the damage caused by the players to the NFL and their fan base will take years to resolve?

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