On November 11th America once again celebrated “Veterans Day” honoring those individuals throughout our glories and at times checkered history, beginning with a ragtag civilian militia that quickly rose from a civilian population of farmers and merchants to the Continental Army formed by the Second Continental Congress in 1775 under the command of General George Washington, and from that moment on embarked on the impossible task of declaring our independence from the mighty British Empire, and the worlds most powerful military, and the beginning of our American Revolution.

Perhaps if 49ers Eric Reid and Marquise Goodwin along with Giants defensive end Olivier Vernon who decided to take a knee Sunday before the New York Giants game in San Francisco, actually acquainted themselves with our nation's history, they might have actually decided to stand along with the rest of the league during this weekends Veterans Day ceremony.

In that throughout our glories history America’s fighting men and woman have liberated countless countries abroad from the scourge of Communism, Fascism, and Nazism, and when America found itself at that proverbial crossroads within its own dark history of human suffering brought by the inhumanity of slavery, America chose to honor those words penned within our Declaration of Independence with the blood of brave men and woman fighting for the very soul of this nation, resulting in almost 700,000 lives lost during one of the darkest periods within our nation history our own Civil War.

And it’s that history we honor on Veterans Day” of all those who’ve worn the uniform, in all the wars, and the thousands of battles fought, both at home an abroad, so guys like Reid, Goodwin and Olivier can grandstand claim racial injustice while making millions of dollars on the graves of those veterans who died protecting their right to do so.

The NFL Players Association had asked all players to observe a two-minute moment of silence before games to honor veterans and apparently, it worked even if just for the weekend. Seahawks Michael Bennett stood before Thursday night’s game. Titan’s receiver Rishard Matthews walked onto the field holding hands with soldiers and stood with teammates for the anthem for the first time since President Donald Trump criticized players for protesting.

Do you think most NFL players that take a knee are simply grandstanding for the camera?

Source: Weasel Zippers

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