Fox News' Tucker Carlson is known for being a straight shooter and getting confrontational with guests who espouse nonsense. The host certainly didn't pull any punches in his condemnation of Harvey Weinstein.

Carlson is now a man on a mission, exposing the liberal media and their corruption. Carlson had the mojo to point out what the rest of mainstream media wouldn't dare do. The colorful political commentator lambasted NBC President Noah Oppenheim after it was revealed that he opted not to air the initial revelation of Weinstein's misconduct.

The story was originally presented to Oppenheim by reporter Ronan Farrow. The NBC President turned the story down. It is believed that Oppenheim and Weinstein have a working and buddy-buddy relationship.

Carlson stared with intense eyes in front of the camera in his show and demanded Oppenheim to resign immediately. He also called out NBC's parent company Comcast and demanded that the company take action against Oppenheim if he refuses to step down.

Carlson is spot-on in his assessment. What NBC did was a form of lying by omission. This is why it is very deserving of the fake news label along with the likes of CNN and other MSM establishments. Luckily, even though MSM may try to downplay the narrative, America has reliable access to alternative news outlets that expose the truth and don't pander to a progressive audience.

The whole Weinstein revelation exposes the corruption within progressive Hollywood and their Democrat allies. This is why it took Hillary Clinton five days from the time the story broke to condemn the filmmaker and longtime donor of her campaign. Liberals can't come to terms with the fallout because it doesn't fit with their narrative. After all, aren't conservatives supposed to be the ones that have no respect for women?

Will Oppenheim do the right thing and resign? Will Comcast step in? Or will it just try to sweep the problem under the rug like it always does?

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