Who is Nancy Sinatra? Her father is the legendary American singer Frank Sinatra. However, having a famous parent does not make you relevant. Sure, Nancy has her own semi-successful music career, but she is just mostly piggybacking off her father's legacy.

The younger Sinatra also proved that she is just another Hollywood elitist with unapologetic liberal views. Sinatra showed her true colors when she tweeted an absolutely disgusting tweet in the aftermath of the horrific Las Vegas Shooting. She sent a post wishing death upon NRA members, saying that they should face a firing squad.

Then she came after Trump.

America is fighting back against these elitists. Dana Loesch of the NRA replied with her own series of tweets, though she was classy and didn't use any harsh words or even words of condemnation. Instead, she merely asked Sinatra some thought-provoking questions, such as:

"Hasn't there been enough death for you?"

"Before u have millions of innocents killed, can you explain to these people why they should die?"

People like Sinatra want to strip Americans of the fundamental right to bear arms. It's easy for her to say guns are bad because she lives in a gated community with a giant fence around her property. She probably even has a few ARMED guards patrolling her home. The same goes for other rich and out-of-touch liberals, such as Hillary Clinton who also called out the NRA and demonstrated her ignorance by calling for a ban on silencers.

Sinatra has not yet responded to Loesch's or anyone's else's questions regarding her vile comments.

Is Nancy Sinatra just another overpaid celebrity that lives in a bubble and has no business talking about current issues?

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