“You never want a serious crisis go to waste,” Chicago Mayor and former Chief-of-Staff for President Obama Rahm Emanuel often said.

The catchphrase has become a watchword of the liberal Left as they seize on any excuse to attack and undermine the Republican administration of President Trump.

So, it is no surprise that Democrats are making wild accusations that the president is ignoring, if not abandoning the people of Puerto Rico as they struggle to restore basic services and find food, safe water, and medical care in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria.

The Category 5 hurricane was the knockout punch to the Caribbean island that is close to the size of Connecticut and home to 3.5 million American citizens.

Irma had softened up Puerto Rico, but Maria dealt what is being called “apocalyptic devastation” as residents report armed robberies, assaults, and looting on an island that is still 95 percent off the grid without power, water service or cellphone access.

On the scene reports describe roads either blocked by trees and debris or simply washed away altogether.

But what Democrats and the liberal mainstream media aren’t reporting is that President Trump has not only pledged federal help for the island for “as long as it is needed,” but took action to provide immediate and continuing assistance to the residents.

Pentagon spokesman Army Col. Rob Manning said the Defense Department dispatched about 2,600 troops to help with search and rescue operations, deliver essential supplies, and get water treatment facilities and hospitals up and running on generators.

Military units were also clearing airport runways.

The USS Kearsarge is in the Caribbean Sea, with helicopter-borne sailors and Marines deployed on eight medical evacuation missions during the critical first week after the hurricane, delivering over 22,000 pounds of supplies to those impacted by Maria.

Commander-in-Chief Trump also sent eight UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters to distribute essentials around the island.

President Trump has scheduled a visit to Puerto Rico to see for himself what needs to be done – meeting with authorities and residents alike.

The press coverage and publicity attending his trip may serve to spur donations to various organizations that will be involved in the massive, long-term effort needed to rebuild and restore Puerto Rico.

Trump’s actions speak louder than any words the liberal media or Democrats can throw at him and demonstrate a compassionate and proactive leader at work during a crisis.

Do you think the liberal media is reporting fairly and accurately about President Trump's response to help the people of Puerto Rico rebuild after Hurricane Maria?

Source: Stripes

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