The bloodbath Sunday evening although tragic, brought out the very best within the human spirit; moments after the carnage began ordinary individuals suddenly became heroes, and in some instances sacrificed their own lives to help total strangers survive.

However there’s always a flip side to the human experience, we witnessed it only hours after the gunfire had ceased, has bodies still laid broken on the ground, there was Hillary attempting to make political points tweeting about “silencers” and late night comedians suddenly becoming experts in the use of firearms.

Even a Muslim writer for Teen Vogue magazine decided to weigh-in and claim her 15-minutes of fame taking to social media to complain about how misunderstood Muslims are, which had nothing to do with what took place in Las Vegas.

However, that didn’t stop Yassmin Abdel-Magied to exploit the tragedy by declaring that it is “a relief” to hear that a white man gunned down innocent civilians instead of a Muslim man."

The post immediately created a firestorm of protests with individuals taking to social media condemning her outrageous remark.

“It must be a great relief for some perverse reason because race matters to you more than the violence etc carried out. You’re sick,” one user wrote.

Another wrote, “Dear God you take whining to a whole new level. Comparing what happened & gleefully claiming victim status is a special kind of stupid.”

The former ABC presenter and current Teen Vogue contributor was continually lambasted for her leftist rhetoric, claiming that the shooting would’ve been labeled a terror attack if the shooter was Muslim, she is actually correct for once.

Abdel-Magied is just one of millions of so-called moderate Muslims who only moderately practice Islam but wholly proselytize by lying and claiming victimization.

No doubt the carnage that took place in Las Vegas was committed by a deranged individual, however for a Muslim to actually reference the mass murder as perhaps indicative of our society when history has already chronicled the countless unparalleled acts of Islamic violence throughout the course of human history.

Do you believe characters like Yassmin Abdel-Magied are simply looking for their 15-minutes of fame?

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