Mike Rowe is an awesome American. He is the popular television host of Discovery Channel's Dirty Jobs. He is also an advocate of blue collar jobs and vocational schools as an alternative form of higher education. He occasionally appears on Fox News as a guest and speaks on political issues, often taking a conservative or libertarian point of view.

Rowe had a flawless social media response to a question posted by a fan, essentially asking for his opinion about NFL players taking a knee and Trump's response that the league should fire players who refuse to stand for the anthem.

Rowe's response was philosophical in nature rather than political, though it embodies the spirit of American consumerism. He states that celebrities, politicians, and other public figures are the byproducts of the people who tune into them and give them attention.

Rowe continues to explain that the NFL is currently being used as a medium for attention, by the players who choose to kneel and even the president when he chose to comment on the matter. In Rowe's opinion, this whole fiasco isn't about patriotism vs social justice, or even free speech. Ultimately, it's about the threshold that Americans are willing to put up with before they decide not to tune in.

The response was a candid one, even taking a swipe at Trump for encouraging owners to fire players over their first amendment right. His argument, though, is not that he's against owners doing so. Rather, his belief is that owners aren't really the ones in charge. It's the fans who hold the cards.

Rowe ends his lengthy post by saying that NFL's response would be much different if enough fans are offended enough to turn the channel on a Sunday afternoon.

Politics aside, do you think Rowe is spot on? Should conservatives forgo a beloved sport in the name of their convictions?

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