The contrast between former Vice President Joe Biden and current Vice President Mike Pence is actually a tale of two distinct and quite different administrations, and how each president views America is reflected within members of their cabinet, filtering down eventually to the entire staff within their respective administrations.

Biden was simply a reflection of President Obama, who was generally ambivalent toward the military and at times quite hostile towards his admirals and generals who attempted to advise him regarding the thorny issues of war and peace. Plus he seldom took their advice on strategic military issues, which actually resulted in the military debacle in Iran when Obama refused to leave a contingency force in place, thus leaving a precarious vacuum resulting in the expansion of a little known terrorist force at the time called ISIS.

Moreover, Obama’s campaign promise to transform America was also a strategic promise to dismantle the military, which resulted in the firing of 197-senior military commanders in just the first 5-years of his administration which also included 9-generals in 2013.

By contrast, President Trump loves and respects the military which was once again reflected within his vice president this past Veterans Day, when Pence along with his wife Karen joined volunteer groups and helped wash the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington.

The Vice President on Saturday along with Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke and a number of volunteers cleaned the face of the 247-foot wall, which is engraved with the names of fallen soldiers.

Dressed in blue jeans, old cowboy boots and yellow gloves the Pences spent about 40 minutes scrubbing the memorial.

Wylie Gilbert, 30, of Maryland, gave Pence some cleaning tips, "scrub hard, up and down, left and right. "You scrub and I’ll dry,” Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke said to the vice president.

A far cry to what then Vice President Joe Biden did last year on Veterans Day. Biden decided to celebrate the holiday in his home state of Delaware, by sitting in a tent and then delivering a brief speech while shaking a few hands, and he was done.

I have no doubt Vice President Biden is a PATRIOT; however the “tone” of an administration is set in the Oval Office, Biden was simply taking his directive from Obama’s public ambivalence towards the military, like any loyal subordinate

Do you think President Obama actually disliked the military?

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