Former First Lady Michelle Obama, spoke at a marketing conference, took time out from discussing how unhappy she was during her eight years in the White House as First Lady and touting her upcoming book for which she received a guaranteed advance in the double million dollar digits, but took time out to insult half the women in America.

“Any women who voted against Hillary Clinton voted against their own voice,” Obama said during a Q&A session at the Boston conference.

Of course, reducing women to the sum of their body parts and reproductive organs is nothing new to Democrats – it is the equivalent of reducing others to the amount of melanin in their skin or categorizing people based on a Hispanic surname.

If a person has or had a uterus, ovaries or breasts, if they have XX chromosomes, then to the Democrat way of thinking, that person must be a Democrat, support the Planned Parenthood abortion industry, work outside the home, demand free daycare and generally vote the way they are told.

In between complaining about being a “prisoner” in the White House and denigrating the ability of women to think for themselves by using a body organ that is not related to sex or procreation – their brain – Mrs. Obama talked about her book, which she says will describe “the struggles of being a woman.”

It’s hard to imagine that her story of struggle will take up many pages as she enjoyed many advantages of being a black woman during a time of Affirmative Action that saw to it that women of color gained admission to colleges regardless of academic performance in high school, drew job offers and other considerations based solely on race.

At one point, the former first lady asked, inexplicably, “How many of us have sat in a classroom somewhere and watched men go on and on and on?”

She went on to say that the women who considered the two candidates in the 2016 election and said to themselves, “He’s better for me,” and voted for Donald Trump instead of Hillary Clinton, “don’t like your voice.”

Then in an unashamed insult, Obama echoed the current Clinton accusation that women who voted for Trump were merely taking orders from their husbands.

You just like the thing you’re told to like.” 

According to exit polls, 41 percent of women voted for Trump in November.

The irony of a woman dismissing the right of other women to vote in accordance with their opinions was, apparently, completely lost on Mrs. Obama, who continues, like most Democrats, to view the nation in terms of how people look and what sex organs they have.

A sad commentary on the state of equality.

Do you feel that former First Lady Michelle Obama was demeaning to women by suggesting they should only vote according to their gender?

Source: Free Beacon

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