Oh no – say it ain’t so!

Michelle Obama fostering racism?

And to little children, no less?

How could this be?

The same Mrs. Obama who lectured Americans about the pain of “waking up in a house slaves built,” and shared the agony of being asked for help by a “vertically challenged” woman at Target who thought a tall person could help reach a high shelf?

Couldn’t be… but, then again, pictures don’t lie and there she is, seated among children reading – oh the horror – “The Cat in the Hat!”

The former first lady may have some explaining to do after a school librarian in Cambridge, Massachusetts rejected the gift of Dr. Seuss books from Melania Trump saying they were “steeped in racist propaganda and stereotypes.”

The gift of “Oh the Places You’ll Go” was accompanied by a personal letter from First Lady Melania Trump urging children to “find a book about something that interests you and read about it,” as part of ‘National Read a Book Day.’

The librarian also felt the sting of inconvenient old photographs coming back to haunt as a picture of her dressed as the Cat from the famous book at a school event held on Dr. Seuss’s birthday several years ago – apparently before she became aware of the “racist propaganda” in his works.

The “twitter-verse” enjoyed pointing out the double-standard of finding Seuss books “racist” only after “President Trump was sworn into office.”

“I never knew President Obama was so racist,” read one tweet.

Dr. Seuss was the pen name of Theodor Geisel, who published more than 60 children’s books that sold over 600 million copies in 20 different languages around the world – to people apparently unaware of the books were “steeped in racism” until a liberal, politically correct Cambridge, Massachusetts librarian came forward to inform them after she, herself, saw the light.

How should the media treat obvious double-standards when presented with objective truth, such as photographs, that liberals expect to be treated differently than conservatives?

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