There is a reason mainstream media are being labeled fake news. Top news agencies like CNN and MSNBC clearly have a progressive agenda and seemingly exist just to incessantly bash President Trump. Well, it looks like Trump has had enough and is threatening to take action with this tweet:

The president is threatening to revoke NBC's license for the daily lies and propaganda they tell. Most likely, Trump was just trolling. If he was serious, though, then that is not one of the president's smarter moves.

Look, President Trump is spot on every time he condemns the MSM as fake news. The entities under that designation have done everything to earn that label. However, the president should not be making any genuine attempts to restrict one's speech. Even if the stories NBC tells are based on half-truths and heavy liberal bias, they are still protected by the First Amendment.

If it was a hardcore progressive like Clinton, Bernie Sanders, or Elizabeth Warren who threatened to shut down Fox News, Breitbart, or the Daily Wire, conservatives would rightfully speak up.

The bottom line is that shutting down a news entity or individual for having an unpopular view is what liberals do. Frankly, it's also why they're losing the war of ideas and falling out of touch with the American public.

Trump has bigger fish to fry, such as repealing Obamacare and dealing with North Korea. The tweet was likely just to remind the public how bad the MSM are at reporting objective news.

Do you think the President was serious when he threatened to challenge NBC's license, or is he demonstrating that he's the master of trolling?

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