Her last words as she lay in her father’s arms were, “Help me, Daddy.”

Jim Steinle performed CPR on his daughter, Kate, as she lay on Pier 14 in Sand Francisco while waiting for an ambulance.

Two hours later, the 32-year-old was dead.

The bullet that pierced her aorta and killed her was fired from a gun stolen by José Inez García Zarate, alias Francisco Sanchez – age 45 or 52 depending on which jail record you read.

The Mexican national had been deported five times, but always managed to find his way back across the border, accumulating seven felony convictions for heroin possession and narcotics manufacture.

Jamiel Shaw II was a 17-year-old multiple-threat athlete in track, basketball, baseball and football who was being actively recruited by Stanford and Rutgers for football scholarships when he was attacked three blocks from his home in Los Angeles.

He was shot to death by Pedro Espinoza, an illegal alien gang member who had just received an early release from jail where he was serving an easy sentence for assaulting a police officer and related gun charges.

Jamiel had spoken with his father that night, assuring him that he was only a few minutes away from home, but his father heard the shots and ran out of the house to where his son lay on the sidewalk shot once in the stomach and then, again, in the face.

Jamiel’s mother, Anita, was not home that night. She was serving her second tour of duty in Iraq when she got the call.

President Trump took another step toward honoring the promise he made to the Kate and Jamiel’s families as House Republicans passed “Kate’s Law,” which increases the penalties for aliens with criminal convictions who return to the United States after deportation.

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan of Wisconsin said of Sanchez, “He should not have been here and she should not have died.”

Twenty-four Democrats crossed the aisle to vote ‘yea’ on the bill.

The House also passed another bill furthering the president’s campaign promises denying federal grants to so-called “sanctuary cities” that act as safe havens for illegal aliens.

Saturday is the second anniversary of Kate’s death.

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Source: Fox

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