The Ingraham Angle with host Laura Ingraham is off to a strong start. One of its first guests is White House Chief of Staff John Kelly.

During a conversation with Ingraham, Kelly entertained the idea of a special counsel to look into the Uranium One scandal. It's believed that Russian President Vladimir Putin made a deal with Hillary Clinton during the Obama Administration. The deal led to a hefty $100 million being donated to the Clinton Foundation.

In Kelly's own words:

"We need to find someone who is very, very objective who can get to the bottom of these accusations."

Clinton has adamantly denied colluding with the Russians and has said that the idea has been debunked.

During a guest appearance with Fox News anchor Harris Faulkner, U.S. Representative Jason Chaffetz agreed with Kelly's assessment that Clinton needs to be investigated.

It's easily conceivable that the Clinton had some form of behind-the-scenes relationship with the Russians. The DNC, after all, has just been linked to the Trump-Russian dossier.

Most of America are in agreement that we can't let Clinton off the hook on this one. This now comes down to Attorney General Jeff Sessions to take action and launch an investigation.

Sessions really needs to get this out. There is a high probability that Clinton accepted bribes in exchange for greenlighting the Uranium deal. People don't just fork over $100 million out of the goodness of their hearts.

Leave it to someone like Kelly to speak common sense. Kelly was also unapologetic over his banter with Democrat and House of Representative member Frederica Wilson. Kelly tore Wilson to shreds after she accused the President of using insensitive words when talking to a Gold Star widow.

Will Sessions finally get off his butt and order an investigation? Or will the Clintons once again escape justice?

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