For those not familiar with actor James Woods simply Google him on social media, and you’ll be exposed to a laundry-list of humorous, profane, witty, thought-provoking, illuminating and entertaining tweets from this Academy Award nominee and more importantly American Patriot.

The no-nonsense out-spoken conservative much like his colleague legendary actor/director Clint Eastwood are both unabashed Trump supporters, and no doubt a continuous source of irritation to those on the rabid left who continually decry the president.

Comedian Jimmy Kimmel host of “Jimmy Kimmel Live” is one of those politically active entertainers who uses his show more as a political platform discussing controversial issues of the day rather than humorous political satire in the tradition of a Johnny Carson.

Recently Kimmel once again during his monologue began another anti-gun rant decrying once again conservatives, Trump supporters and of course the NRA. However this time Kimmel’s rant didn’t go unnoticed, and within moments Woods took to social media posting that security around Kimmel had increased considerably ever since we went on a tear about  “gun control” and blaming conservatives and Republicans for the carnage in Las Vegas.

Sources close to the show acknowledged that the comedian had some serious security concerns with protesters at the show, which prompted an increase in security for Kimmel which includes adding extra security at both front and back entrances of the studio.

Which prompted Woods to tweet; "Oh, really? No doubt armed with knives and whiffle ball bats, right"?

"Don’t get me wrong, good for Jimmy Kimmel increasing his security. Everyone has the right to. It just seems that too many liberals like him don’t think I have the right to increase my security."

Woods continued, "It’s as the old saying goes…liberty and freedom for thee, but not for me."

No doubt the progressive establishment along with the mainstream media, and Democratic lawmakers believe that gun-rights are only for the well-connected, and not for ordinary citizens.

Do you believe every American should have the right to protect themselves just like million dollar celebrities?   


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