Within the last several months we’ve witnessed a record number of senseless tragedies beginning with the mass assassination attempt of our legislators at a ball-field, the destruction and obliteration of our national monuments, the senseless violence and rioting on our nation’s campuses, and the most devastating of all the recent massacre of 59-innocent individuals by a deranged gunmen in Las Vegas.

To suggest that America is overwhelmed by a relentless barrage of bad news would perhaps be the biggest understatement of the decade, and yet many of us are still optimistic about our countries future.

Even the recent controversy regarding million dollar NFL players taking a knee and disrespecting our National Anthem, seems to have finally peaked, thanks in part to average Americans banning together reminding those spoiled celebrity athletes, that in times of crisis, American’s are unified in their love for America, regardless of what the progressive talking heads in the media attempt to portray.

Moreover, it’s those average citizens in the heartland of America raising their families with traditional values, within towns and villages that define the people, and not those elites who reside in New York City, Hollywood or in Washington, D.C.

And to highlight that point, patriotism is alive and well in Bushland, Texas, a small rural community with a population of less the 200-residents, who came out to cheer their football team on Friday, September 29th.

Moreover, has the players for Bushland High School football team began taking the field each member of the team was carrying a large American flag, accompanied by one large “Lone Star” flag.

This is the Bushland, TX High School football team. Bushland is near Amarillo. Please repost this to show what respect for the flag looks like. Proud of you Bushland Falcons!!

Posted by Mary Lee Owens Penton on Sunday, October 1, 2017

The brief 8-second video clip captures the moment these kids and the cheerleaders rushed onto the gridiron with horns blaring in the background and the sounds of cheers. Quite a difference from those much larger and disgruntled football players we see on our TV screens.

Perhaps this trend that began in Texas will grow to other parts of the heartland where “grandstanding” is usually frowned upon. However, there are times when "protesting the protestors," might be the right course of action.

The Gruver Greyhounds also hit the field with a patriotic flag waving display:

Here is how our Gruver Greyhounds took the field tonight for their homecoming game! That is true, small town, Texas pride!!

Posted by Justin Johnson on Friday, September 29, 2017

As well as another proud Texas high school:

So proud of our Lefors Pirates! Making a stand!

Posted by Julie Forman Sims on Friday, September 29, 2017

It certainly appears that the millionaries in the NFL could learn a lot from some kids down in Texas about respect and honor.

Do you believe that a grass-root display by high-school football teams across the heartland proudly displaying “Old Glory” is what America needs at this moment?

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