Huffington Post writer Jesse Benn represents journalistic pyromania in its worst form. He's the type of writer you'll find sitting comfortably at his computer with a cup of luke warm coffee while banging out his usual leftist screed. Then, he'll sit back and wait for the fireworks to begin.

More to the point, Benn is the kind of political writer-propagandist who fanatically incites others to do violence, but rarely -- or never -- gets any dirt or blood on his own hands.

So it's no shock to anyone that Benn and his literary ilk have found their true calling in activist journalism, realizing that the pen truly is mightier than the sword when mere words can move crowds into violent action.

But scratch deeper under the thin skins of these scribblers and what you'll find are Marxist ideologues who are basically cowards at heart, anti-white bigots, who revel in the destructiveness of their own hate speech.

Benn's latest incendiary act was a series of tweets hailing Wednesday's bloody shooting rampage against congressional Republicans as a just act.

"What's more powerful: Putting millions already on the margins more at-risk via draconian policies or shooting a racist lawmaker in the hip?" tweeted Benn.

Benn's racist anti-white hyperbole is well-known in the alt-media, having penned the literary masterwork "Towards A Concept Of White Wounding" as he patiently awaits "the elimination of whiteness altogether."

Who's the racist here?

Journalists like Benn are acutely aware of the power of ideas and that you can't start a violent revolution without them.

Benn and his fellow travelers are going to get precisely what they ask for.

And you can be sure leftist writers like Benn will be down there fighting in the trenches, safely holed up in suburbia writing their hate diatribes.

We would love to hear your thoughts about Huffing Post writer Jesse Benn. Do you think he's gone too far by calling for "violent resistance" against Trump supporters?

Source: Louder With Crowder


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