Do you remember all that stuff earlier about the Trump dossier? It was originally acquired back in January by Buzzfeed and supposedly included damning information about the President. Originally, it was believed that the dossier was funded by a rival member of the GOP, likely one of the other 15 Republican candidates in the primaries.

However, the Washington Post has now released a new report linking Hillary Clinton and the Democrat National Committee to the dossier. It appears they were the ones that paid a generous sum of money to dig up some dirt on then-candidate Trump.

It should be noted that Clinton is also under investigation by the Federal Election Committee. A watchdog group filed a complaint, alleging that members of the DNC failed to disclose payments made to Fusion GPS, the company that compiled the dossier.

The DNC made the payment through a law firm. As such, it was able to classify the payment as a "legal service." This is essentially a loophole that allowed the DNC to stay hush-hush about their true motives.

Clinton's attorney Marc E. Elias met up with Fusion GPS back in April 2016 to discuss research for the dossier. It is believed that the project was originally funded by an unnamed GOP member. Elias simply picked up where that GOP member left off. The funding then continued from then until October 2016, just days before the election.

Fusion GPS appeared before the House Intelligence Committee but refused to disclose the identities of the funder, pleading the Fifth Amendment.

The Democrats definitely have reason to worry about the latest dossier revelation. Don't forget that the party of entitlement and free stuff is also under scrutiny after news broke that the Obama Administration approved of a Russian uranium deal. This occurred in spite of the fact that Democrats were aware of bribery by Putin.

Do you think it's sweet to watch the Democrats die a slow death? How do you think the DNC will argue their way out of this one?

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