The long-anticipated Mueller investigation has finally produced its first and perhaps only victims with the announcement over the weekend that indictments were in the offering, and on Monday former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort along with Manafort’s business associate Rick Gates and a Trump campaign worker named George Papadopoulos, were all indicted in a federal court.

Manafort and Gates on 12 counts, including conspiracy to launder money, conspiracy against the United States, and making false and misleading statements, and Papadopoulos on one count of lying to an FBI Agent.

However the one glaring omission within the 12-count indictment was the name of President Trump which did not appear anywhere within countless pages of legal jargon according to The Daily Caller.

And although the indictments seem to suggest some serious legal malfeasants the alleged crimes all took place long before Manafort was tagged as Trump’s campaign manager which lasted just 3-months.

The indictments stem from Manafor’s past business dealings abroad especially in 2014 when as a Washington-based lobbyist he failed to register as a foreign agent for the Yanukovych regime, and his Russia-friendly Party of Regions.

Gates joined Manafort's lobbying firm in the mid-2000s and handled projects in Eastern Europe, which later included work for Yanukovych.

However, this is where it gets interesting Manafort's firm, as well as Washington lobbying firms Mercury LLC and the Podesta Group played a pivotal role in lobbying the Russians.

The Podesta Group is headed by Tony Podesta, the brother of John Podesta, a former chief of staff of the Clinton White House, and a former senior adviser to President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton's campaign chairman.

Ironically while President Donald Trump’s name does not appear one time in his former campaign manager Paul Manafort’s indictment records released on Monday, there’s an excellent chance that the names of Podesta, Clinton, Obama, Comey, Holder, Lynch, and perhaps members of the DNC will all be named either by Mueller or more likely by another special prosecutor appointed by Attorney General Sessions, investigating further the real Russian collusion.

Do you think it’s time for Attorney General Jeff Sessions to name another Special Prosecutor regarding the real Russian collusion?

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