For at least the last two years, the left has tried to take away the fun of Halloween. Just about every costume is a form of cultural appropriation to SJWs. You better not dress up as a mummy, or you'll be accused of appropriating ancient Egyptian culture. You can forget about the werewolf costume, too. This can be offensive to people diagnosed with lycanthropy.

As predicted, liberals are in an uproar after a man showed off his Colin Kaepernick costume.

Officer Antonio Gutierrez showed off his creative getup as Kaepernick, donning an afro, a pointy nose, and a sign around his neck that says "will work for food." It should be noted that Gutierrez is a law enforcement officer for the University of Nevada - Kaepernick's alma mater.

As you can probably guess, SJWs are blowing a gasket, calling the outfit racist and some calling for disciplinary action.

To everyone else that doesn't lean left of Bernie Sanders, it's not clear why this is racist. If Gutierrez put on blackface, then maybe you can make that argument, but there is clearly no such thing involved in this case.

Second, in case you can't tell by his last name (or even his first), Gutierrez is clearly of Hispanic descent. Aren't only white people racist according to leftist logic? The SJWs are really contradicting themselves here. On one hand, they think only whitey is racist but is quick to call out people of color when it suits their narrative.

This Halloween, have a little fun and allow yourself to gorge on some candy corn and Hershey Kisses. Even better, get creative with your costume. If liberals take offense, then you're probably doing something right.

What will you be for Halloween? At a loss for ideas? How about dressing as a social justice warrior? All you need is an adult-sized baby costume.

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