Perhaps it’s the pressure of a 24/7 news cycle, or more likely the dummying down of reporters, who simply can’t seem to ask a thought-provoking unscripted policy question when catching a powerful politician like New York Senator Chuck Schumer strolling out of a committee meeting on Capital Hill, but instead an asinine question.

The brief 27-second TMZ video clip captures the reporter asking a dopey question “excuse me, Senator Schumer, you know the president is in China right now, and he can’t use twitter while in China, what are the chances he uses it?”


That silly question is reminiscent of reporters asking then President Obama softball and at time embarrassing questions such as “who’s your favorite Marvel Character?” or how about this one “toilet paper facing out, or facing in?”

Obviously, the question asked by the reporter on Wednesday was intended to elicit a smug and condescending response from Schumer regarding President Trump’s visit to China and China’s Twitter ban.

Of course, the good senator did not disappoint, mocking the president along with the Twitter ban stating it, “was one of the few things China does that’s good for America.”

Then the silly reporter asked Schumer about President Trump asking the White House chief about making McDonald style hamburgers, at which point Schumer responded “I like McDonald’s.

However aside from both Senator Schumer and President Trump perhaps enjoying a “BIG MAC” the president is still tweeting out messages to his loyal supporters, thanks to the help of some special equipment that the president took along that lets him bypass China’s internet firewall.

Right around the time of this silly exchange between the clueless reporter and the Senator, President Trump was reminding his supporters on Twitter about his historic victory on November 8th.

Moreover, after a year both Schumer and Clinton still can’t seem to wrap their heads and accept the fact that the Dem’s lost the election fair and square simply because Hillary was a lousy candidate without a winning message.

Do you think Senator Schumer (a New Yorker), will ever get on board the Trump agenda? .

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