Since the first World Trade Center bombing back in 1993, New Yorker's realized that the “big apple” was in the crosshairs of Islamic barbarians, then the attack produced a minimal about of damage to the iconic structures when a truck bomb was detonated under the North Tower with almost 1,400 pounds of urea-nitrate, with the intention of having the North Tower crashing into the South Tower, thankfully the attempt failed, however 6-innocent lives were lost on that winter's day in February.

Fast forward just 8-years later to September 11th 2001, a Tuesday; it was a beautiful pristine sunlit morning in New York City.

Rush hour was in full swing down on lower Manhattan in the heart of the financial district, when the unthinkable took place and America’s perceived invincibility was instantly and forever shattered in a flash of a fireball, as the North Tower of the World Trade Center was suddenly engulfed in flames raining fiery debris on the street below.

What followed was horrific carnage that decades later still resonates with New Yorker's, especially those who lived through those dark days.

Fast forward once again to the chilling image of someone holding a cell phone depicting an ISIS flag on the screen and in the backdrop the exact spot where the Towers once stood and we’re once again reminded that New York city is still “Ground Zero” for Islamic barbarians, like Sayfullo Saipov who just murdered 8-individuals and wounded 15 others, yesterday afternoon as he drove a truck only a few blocks from the World Trade Center mowing down pedestrians and cyclists along a bike path at the junction of Houston Street and West Street in Manhattan.

Photo taken of ISIS flag months before attack

Clearly, this location was marked for an attack well beforehand and the fact that the person in the photograph remains unknown should be cause for alarm.

The carnage ended after the 29-year old terrorist crashed his rental truck into a mini school bus, exited the truck holding two fake handguns and shouting wildly “ALA AKBAR” (God is great), before being shot by one New York's finest.

Do you believe President Trump needs to stop the “diversity visa program” that allowed this creep into the United States?

Source: Daily Mail

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