The name Hayley Geftman-Gold is now well known among conservative circles. She was a CBS executive that caused ire after posting a disgusting tweet saying that she had no sympathy for the Las Vegas shooting victims because "country music fans often are Republican gun-toters."

CBS immediately went into damage control and fired Heftman-Gold from her cushy position. She has also since contacted the NYPD after receiving numerous death threats online.

If her hateful comment isn't enough to show that she's another MSM lefty, then it should be noted that she was also a major player in Hillary Clinton's 2016 campaign. She organized a block party for the presidential candidate on the night of the election.

Aside from her now-infamous tweet, she also said that she had no hope that Republicans would take any action due to her perceived view that the GOP was passive on gun control measures in the wake of the 2012 Sandy Hook shooting that left 20 dead. Most of the casualties were children.

Her political leanings aside, Heftman-Gold appears to be living the American dream. She is a married woman with three children and described herself as a "new media lawyer." She is a resident of Brooklyn Heights. She was also previously an employee for MTV, which should not be surprising considering the network is a cesspit of progressive minds.

Any clear thinking American should not be condoning any death threats this woman may be receiving. It's still within her First Amendment rights to post such an offensive comment, and people have the right to call her out on it. However, resorting to death threats to a woman with children helps no one.

Even so, when you exercise such poor judgment, there's going to be people who respond with equal vitriol. You put out hate, you get hate directed back at you.

Do you think Heftman-Gold is getting her just desserts?

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