On Sunday morning America once again realized the necessity of protecting their loved ones, from unimaginable evil. If anything we were once again reminded that we can no longer count on those brave first responders to come to our aid in time to save us from the barbarians who live among us and can flip out at any moment, creating mayhem.

Moreover Sunday in a sleepy little town of less the 500 residents, a house-of-worship became a deadly “KILL ZONE” for 26-Christians unable to protect themselves from the evil that invaded their church.

In the aftermath of the deadliest mass shooting in Texas history, some parishioners are now soul-searching their decision to leave their handguns in their vehicles, when they attended services.

However the massacre of innocent men, woman and children on Sunday has sparked a dialog, and thankfully not about gun control, but rather how can individuals congregating in a church, a school, a concert, a theater protect themselves against the onslaught of a deranged individual?

The answer is perhaps the most obvious of all, a good guy with a gun! And that’s exactly what Lansing, Michigan Republican lawmakers are attempting to do in their effort to renew legislation that would allow law-abiding gun owners to carry their concealed weapons in schools, day-care centers and so-called “gun free zones” which actually translates to a “KILL ZONE.”

The new legislation has been fast-tracked for a vote on Tuesday by the Senate committee allowing for concealed pistol license holders with extra training to carry in nine areas that are currently off-limits.

On Wednesday the entire Republican-led Senate will vote for the measure that will hopefully protect innocent individuals going about their daily lives.

Moreover the carnage that visited the First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs, Texas on Sunday may very well prove to be the moment America through it’s grieve vowed “never again” and began in earnest in reclaiming for all it’s citizens “the right to bear arms” or at the very least taking a page out of Michigan’s playbook by allowing qualified individuals, perhaps retired police officers to stand as a buffer “armed” between the innocent and the deranged barbarian.

Do you believe retired and “armed” police officers and qualified vets should be recruited for all institutions and venues around the country where people gather as a buffer against armed degenerates?

Source: Fox-2 Detroit

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