Most mainstream Americans seldom think about their First Amendment right; we simply go about our daily lives speaking our mind with an occasional thought regarding political correctness, and perhaps hopefully not offending anyone.

However, if you’re a part of that card-carrying “resistance movement” that ultra wide umbrella of the progressive orthodoxy, then things can get quite complicated.

Especially if you’re white professional progressives coming into contact with black urban activists, attempting to get along with college-educated anarchists, then things can get quite dicey regarding personal agenda’s, conflicts-of-interests where one progressive faction versus another.

Such was the case recently when the Black Lives Matter movement, crashed an American Civil Liberties Union campus event this week.

William & Mary students, claiming to be affiliated with BLM, actually crashed the event shouting down a speaker with chants of "Shame! Shame! Shame!"

Ironically both these radical groups are part of the “resistance movement” however this particular encounter seemed to suggest some deep seeded animosity on the part of BLM.

At first, students organizing the ACLU event, titled, "Students and the First Amendment," thought the protest was a demonstration of how to conduct campus civil disobedience. However, to their amazement, BLM was there to protest “them”.

Claire Gastañaga, a William & Mary alum speaking at the event, thought at first the BLM demonstration was all part of the event stating, "Good, I like this," as protesters streamed into the auditorium. "I'm going to talk to you about knowing your rights, and protests and demonstrations, which this illustrates very well. Then I'm going to respond to questions from the moderators and then questions from the audience."

And then reality quickly set in when protesters shouted down Gastañaga quickly turning the event into chaos as protesters began chanting loudly drowning out speakers.

"ACLU, you protect Hitler, too," they shouted, the reference was ACLU's support of the First Amendment in the wake of the Charlottesville riot in which the ACLU sided with the neo-Nazi’s right to free speech.

Obviously, for those of us watching radical groups like the ACLU and BLM beating up on each other, that’s always a step in the right direction.

Do you believe radical groups like BLM and leftist organizations  like the ACLU can actually coexist?

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