The obvious disconnect between NFL owners and the millions of loyal football fans was never more apparent as their universal condemnation of Commissioner Roger Goodell’s handling of the National Anthem controversy, which by most reasoned accounts was escalated by his poor handling of Colin Kaepernick’s theatrics’ on the sidelines, which in all probability could have been mitigated quickly under the proper leadership.

Moreover, the disconnect between Dallas owner Jerry Jones and the other 5-other owners who comprise the NFL’s Compensation Committee was apparent after hearing what Jones said on a November 2nd conference call regarding the final financial details of Goodell’s contract extension.

Jones much like the vast majority of NFL fans doesn’t believe Goodell’s contract extension through 2024, is a sound business investment, in light of Goodell’s poor performance and terrible judgment skills.

In fact, according to reliable sources, the Dallas Cowboys owner said he had “papers drawn up” in the event that the current proposed Goodell deal was finalized referencing “the extension” which would in effect make Goodell’s tenure as commissioner 18-years.

Obviously, with that kind of prolonged and sustained power over the league, Jones wants the committee to take the unprecedented step of sending the finalized deal back to the entire membership for possible adjustment or cancellation.

Jones rebellious nature in asking for a full committee vote on the contract extension had committee member and Giants owner John Mara asking; “Are you telling us you’re prepared to file litigation against us?”

Another committee member Art Rooney II of the Steelers along with Committee Chairman of the Falcons Arthur Blank also chimed in, regarding the phone call, stating; “I’m shocked. I’m disappointed. We may have differences, Jerry, but this is not the way we resolve them. This is not the way we do things in the NFL.”

However what isn’t in dispute is Goodell’s current compensation believed to be in the neighborhood north of 35 million dollars annually. The new proposed contract is said to include an 88% incentive-based option. However, those so-called options are extremely vague without any definitive markers.

Moreover if Goodell’s performance last year is any indication of his leadership skills, then the NFL had better be prepared for another record year of fans boycotting the league.

Do you believe that Goodell should have been fired, rather than offered another contract?

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