Reco Latur Dawkins, Jr. is a 23 year old example of his parents’ epic failure when it comes to his upbringing. He is a violent murderous thug who took part in a three-man home invasion robbery in Charlotte, North Carolina, on Halloween Day. Dawkins and two equally evil men burst into the home of 21-year old Semantha Bunce.

Bunce was home alone, feeding her baby, when the thugs kicked in her front door. While none of us can imagine the shock and fear that must have flooded her system, this young mother kept herself pulled together. She was approached by the thugs at her bedroom door, and it is in that moment that she surprised the criminals, who had who knows what, in addition to robbery, on their minds.

Bunce and the intruders ended up in a gunfight in the stairwell of her home. She was shot twice, but managed to muscle through it and returned fire. The thugs fled. Semantha then drug herself back up the stairwell to return to her son, made sure he was alright, and then called 911.

Dawkins, for what it’s worth, has since turned himself in, but the other two criminals remain at large.

Bunce is a combat medic with the National Guard and her husband, Paul, eternally grateful for her and his sons’ survival, is extremely proud of his wife. He believes that it was her military training that allowed her to keep her wits about her and to keep their son and herself safe. Not to overlook that a mother will cross through the gates of hell to save her child(ren).

Semantha has undergone surgery and will require more. As one can imagine that will not be an inexpensive hurdle to overcome for this young family. Neighbors, friends, and family have established a GoFundMe page for Semantha to assist with addressing the family’s financial needs, not the least of which will be the extraordinary hospital bills.

Of note, is that this is the third break-in in the neighborhood, and by far the most violent. The police have stepped up patrols and are confident that they will have the other two men in custody soon.

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