“The most terrible poverty is loneliness and the feeling of being unloved” ― Mother Teresa 

And surly that’s what young Luke Keller was feeling as those dark thoughts of suicide raced through his mind, that feeling of being alone and unloved, and what life had dealt him, a dad who abandoned him when he was only 10-years old, his grandmother passing away from cancer, and his grandfather suddenly going to prison.

Moreover for a kid in junior in high school already suffering from bouts depression, suicide can seem like the only way out, and Luke remembers all too well the moment that unthinkable thought almost got the better of him, and  in that final moment of desperation, he reached out to God: “I said ‘God if you are real. If you are what people say you are, then tell me something because today I’m going to end my life. I need you now if you’re real.”

And as Luke completed that request, he suddenly heard a voice saying “I want you to follow me.” Luke asked again and the voice again said, “I want you to follow me.”

Falling to his knees Luke began to cry, and all he could say was “Thank you” over and over again, and suddenly those suicidal thoughts and bouts of anxiety began to disappear.

Feeling as if he had a new lease on life Luke decided to pay tribute to God, in the only way he could on the football field, and would dedicate every touchdown by kneeling in the end zone and pointing towards the heavens.


However within a “secular progressive politically correct world” pointing upwards can have a negative effect and so Luke was told by officials he would be penalized and not allowed to play if he continued.

And this is perhaps where one might take a momentary pause and reflect at what comes next, in that at halftime Luke was given a note from his sister that simply read “Be patient and let God work!”


After scoring another touchdown, Luke refrained from pointing towards the heavens, however that didn’t stop the 7,000 plus fans in attendance  who knew of Luke’s incredible story, to kneel down and point towards the heavens, just like Luke had been doing.


“Prayer is not asking. Prayer is putting oneself in the hands of God, at His disposition, and listening to His voice in the depth of our hearts.” ― Mother Teresa

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